Dario Rocha

Dario Rocha

Dario embodies the spirit of skateboarding. Hailing from L.A. he has the spirit of a true OG at 25.

Dario lives skating as a lifestyle the way we did in the 1980s & 90s. He has a bad attitude and he might fight you. His allegiance is to skating and skating alone. He cannot be managed or tamed and we love him for it. His style is well rounded, he was born in the streets but will shred a park in between slamming beers and concussions. Dario has almost total disregard for his personal safety and skates with an abandon that would make the most hardcore of us cringe.



Fernando “Lego” Zappata

Lego is our resident street tech magus. Lego skates religiously and never stops pushing it with that flip in flip out shit. Unlike Dario he’s not an asshole but we still like him anyway. I’ve got $20 on him against you in a game of skate. You won’t catch him at the park much but he’ll be creepy-crawling the local DIYs and hidden spots with super smooth style. Lego also runs Zap skates, his own board brand.


Addison Hess

If Dario is the Rolling Stones then Addison is the Beatles. Addison is an all-terrain skater and floats around the park like a beautiful bird in short shorts and a tank top. He rips the park scene but has his roots in the street hucking his body over gaps, stairs and rails. Addison hails from Marion, NC and can be seen competing and winning in contests around the region. Proud that a skater from my old stomping ground is representing in such a big way. Also his hair looks better than yours.


William "Black Taco" Gant

William is progressing at light speed. Growing up skating in the streets he's taken to transition like some kind of prodigy. With a natural style all William does is skate, eat pork rinds and leave little fluffy tuffs of afro everywhere he goes.

William with a Bennehanas


Jason Pittman

Jason has worked hard on an unconventional bag of tricks and beat the hell out of himself doing it. I don't even know what half that shit is called and don't really care. The least we could do is give him some flow. Jason is almost certainly more hard-core than you. You wouldn't make it in his world.